Who We Are

Our unique growth and success is built on the solid rock of Christ, strong leadership, our investment in the socio-economic and spiritual needs of the multi-cultural communities and our overall desire and commitment to live our lives based on the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ.

Fountain of Peace is a place of endless empowerment and fulfillment. We are a nondenominational church; Pentecostal, Evangelical and Charismatic in nature and approach (Pente-Charismatic). For this reason, we are a dynamic Apostolic Ministry; flowing in the fullness of the Prophetic anointing. We are a family church whose doors are forever open to as many as desire to visit, fellowship and experience the love of Christ.

Our Christian Spirituality (2 Tim.4: 1-5)

The heart of Christian spirituality is about choosing to experience life through a Christian lens so we grow into the image of God. Spirituality seeks to appreciate how the Spirit enlivens the Christian. The Spirit inspires the individual, enabling one to become like Christ as a child of God. Christian spirituality in its most fundamental meaning refers to striving to imagine, feel, think, desire, choose and act under the influence of the Holy Spirit of the resurrected Jesus. Our spirituality in Christ empowers us to live a Prayer-Filled, Virtuous, Spirit-Empowered, Compassionate, and Word-Centered Life and also partaking of the ordinance of God.

Fountain of Peace is a Missional Church

Jesus Christ gave us the Great Commission to “go out”. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit for missionary work. Thus, we are the instrument of the mission, and the culture is the “Context” of that mission. The Fountain of Peace Ministries is called to train missionaries to “GO” into our culture and be the gospel to their spheres of influence.

For this reason, we do not shape our programs around Consumeristic Christian needs only, but around ministries designed to proclaim the gospel to the non-believer. This we do, not as a program but a lifestyle. Gospel- Culture- Church.

FOP as a Missional Church Stands for The Following:

  • Evangelism
  • Making Disciples.
  • Christ-centered
  • People-centered
  • Holiness through lifestyle
  • Reconciliation
  • Accountable to one another in love.
  • Hospitality

Our Joy

The joy of this ministry is to see men and women been empowered, moving into their God-given destiny and fulfilling their assignment through the various teachings, sermons, seminars, revivals and the ever dynamic prophetic ministry.


“Empowering and changing lives for God’s kingdom”

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation and
  • Simplicity

We serve with our core values