Procedure and Application Form


Application Procedure

The Gabriel Chancery is an academia of prophetic training, research and innovative studies that incorporates both Institute of Clinical medicine and the Prophetic Ministry. This is not a degree qualifying institution but a ministry.

Application Instructions

Applicants to the Prophetic Ministry, Gabriel Chancery programs are evaluated on the basis of charismatic & prophetic gifts, character, prophetic office, and academic ability and potential; leadership qualities; spiritual maturity; emotional stability; interpersonal communication skills; seriousness of purpose; personal initiative; and creativity.


1) Candidate is normally qualified to be admitted into the Prophetic Ministry after a successful completion the Prophetic audition and issued with the letter of Pass.  This is a thorough biblical and prophetic, academic and character, Christian background and salvation screening.

2) All applicants from outside the Fountain of Peace Ministries should contact the Dean of Gabriel Chancery in sufficient time to determine eligibility and to complete the audition process.

3) Enrolment in the Prophetic Ministry is limited each year. The Chancery on Admissions selects for admission only applicants who, in its judgment, appear both best qualified

Statement of Non-Discrimination
In keeping with its high and Biblical standard and policies, in matters of admissions, and access to the prophetic programs, the Gabriel Chancery considers applicants on the basis of individual divine and physical clearance through audition and without regard to race, colour, gender national or ethnic origin, age,  academic qualifications or disability. The Affirmative Action Officer is the Chancery official responsible for coordinating its adherence to this policy and with the Fountain of Peace empowering and changing lives for God’s kingdom Act of Mandate


Applications for admission into the Prophetic Ministries should be submitted by December 15 to begin March the following year. (Exceptions to this policy are rare, but may be granted by the Deans.) All inquiries concerning admissions should be addressed to the Registrar,

General Procedures for Application
To be considered for admission, each applicant must submit to the Dean the following documentation with the application form:

  1. A completed Application form , including the letter of Pass from the audition process
  2. A personal essay (1 page maximum/double spaced). Reflecting intellectual and spiritual influences, ministerial & prophetic and vocational  goals and purpose of wanting to pursue the prophetic. And how the Prophetic ministry can assist you in meeting these goals; and what gifts and experiences you can contribute to your prophetic career and better the prophetic ministry and the world at large.
  3. An official letter from your College, School or department (if from Fountain) and if not, a letter from your church stating character reference and they are aware and support your admission into the Prophetic Ministry. This serves as an official transcript.
  4. The application should be submitted with a non refundable fee of £10 cash or cheque payable to Fountain of Peace Ministries to the registrar of the Chancery.

4) Applicants are not encouraged to submit written materials in addition to those requested in support of their application. All questions regarding applications should be directed to the Registrar, Gabriel Chancery.