Leadership Overview

The Leaders of Fountain of Peace Ministries

Leadership is not being strong-willed; rather it is having a strong sense of purpose that is centered upon God’s Will. The church of God needs leaders, not petty instigators.

Fountain of Peace does not exist in and for itself, but the vehicle to lead and manage the people of God through discipleship, evangelism, missions, spiritual growth, and programs all centered to His glory and worship. Thus, without a vision, the people perish, and so, every church needs someone who is to prayerfully look ahead, plan for the longer term and ‘dream the bigger dream’.

As FOP has grown in size and complexity, it becomes necessary to put some administrative structure in place for effective and efficient management of the human and spiritual resources for the smooth running of the church.

Fountain’s pioneering spirit is attributed to a dynamic and apostolic Prophet, Leadership team and every member of Fountain.

You can find out more about the men and women God has placed at the helm of Fountain.

Prophet Gabriel Fakeye

The late Prophet G.O Fakeye, was the General Leader of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church Movement (Surulere) District Sub – Headquarters.  He was  a professional Engineer, courageous and devoted Prophet of God, a person of manifest devotion to family and friends, a leader with profound knowledge, grasp and appreciation of history.

Prophet Sunday Korode

After the transition of the General Leader, Prophet G.O. Fakeye, the mantle fell upon Prophet Sunday Korode to take the church to the next level. Working closely with Prophet G. O. Fakeye and sharing his passion for the matters of the Kingdom, Prophet Korode has been instrumental in the birthing and formation of the Surelere Church, especially in the area of the prophetic, worship and music. He helped to bring into fruition the vision of what has today become a defining Cherubim and Seraphim model of the 21st century church.