We offer a growing number of ways to serve one another and reach out to our community. We consider and address every Worker in Christ as a “Minister” in the sense that we all have a responsibility to effectively serve others. Membership to this Ministry is opened to all gender, ages and races who have undergone the Believers’ Class.

The Fountain of Peace Ministries runs a collegiate system, where most ministries are referred to as College, Faculty, School and Institute for an effective teaching and learning, evangelism and development. The Fountain Pastoral Academy is the main body that coordinates and governs the colleges. Each college or ministry has its own governing body.

This is done to ensure that all are equipped for God’s kingdom- empowering and changing people to fulfill their individual life’s purpose and making heaven. Each Faculty or College is assigned with a particular area to develop for the perfection of the saints.

However, there are three other arms that are still regarded as Ministry, and they are the Men ministry, Women ministry and the Children ministry. Also, there are four key departments; Catering, Environmental, Transports and Sports.