Administrative College


So God has appointed some in the church … administrators (I Cor. 12:28). At Fountain of Peace, we acknowledge that Church Administration is a ministry centered on people, not techniques and paperwork. It is an art of management, not manipulation. It requires a faith in God, sensitivity, integrity, excellence, innovation, timing, discernment and God’s will. The Administrative College knows that effective church administration is vital to the efficiency of not only the College but the entire Church.

The Administrative College is a Support Ministry designed to provide Information; handle sensitive confidential assignments with tact, discretion and God’s wisdom.

Secondly, to aid Church Administration, Maintenance, Legal services, IT networking, Transportation service and to provide Professional training/development when needed.

A Registrar heads this College and the registrar ensures that other colleges effectively adhere to policies, procedures and regulations of the Church and its infrastructure.The registrar  manages and supervises paid staff and liaises with all colleges, institutes and ministries for  effective management and goal achievement.


• Caring attitude & excellent people skills.
• Integrity and Positive attitude
• Articulation & computer literate
• Effective verbal and word-processing skills
• Christ-centered life.

Essential Functions

• To provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, handling information request, performing clerical and functional roles for other colleges as well
• To establish and maintain all files, records and databases.
• Responsible for calendar management.
• To prepare purchase orders request for the Financial College.
• To prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously in a timely manner
• To work productively with others in a team environment

Departments under this College are:

  1. Registry -Church Administration
  2. IT (Database, Networking & Information-Tech)
  3. Sports Ministry
  4. Legal & Staffing Department
  5. Catering Department
  6. Protocol and Logistics Department
  7. Transport Services Department
  8. Reception Service Team (RST)
  9. Relational & Hospitality