Faculty of Nehemiah

The most important task for any Ministry is to try to work through, honestly, objectively, and prayerfully

Fountain of Peace had a very unique start, where God Himself
was and is still building up the ruins walls of fallen lives. The building works in FOP have made so many to believe that “with God all things are possible”.
The desire of Nehemiah was to rebuild his father’s fallen city. Thus, the Spirit of the Lord moved the people of FOP to build.

The Faculty is made of Professional and non-professional builders. The ministry comprise of both male and female. Though not a constituent Faculty of the Administrative College, Nehemiah Faculty works in partnership with the Administrative College for the effective Building Construction, Building Management, Cleanliness and Environmental Safety of FOP.


• Nehemiah Faculty is dedicated to the building and structural management of the Fountain of Peace Ministries.
• Plays a supportive role to the Administrative College in Church Construction & Risk Management.
• The primary focus is to build and make FOP safe for worship and other activities.
• Ensuring that the Church building and its contents are in good condition; Health and Safety.
• Ensuring that the environment is clean and well maintained at all time.
• To ensure government regulations and policy are met.
• Participate in community projects.
• Offer free consultancy services on building project.
• Offer free training in building construction and management.

Mission Statement

• Building and Rebuilding up the walls for God’s service.

The Faculty Nehemiah is characterized by:

• Action
• Comfort
• Prayer
• Excellence
• Innovation
• Strong will & hard work
• Focus & vision

Building could be very difficult and frustrating with man’s plan but very smooth and peaceful with God being in charge. Building involves complex organizational structures, tight control mechanisms, extensive training and accreditation but God makes all these easy when we listen and pray to Him; He is the Builder.


  1. Building & Construction
  2. Cleaning and Hygiene Management
  3. Janitorial Services Department
  4. Facilities Management Department
  5. Decorating Department
  6. Security Service Centre