Gabriel Chancery – Gabriel Prophetic Ministry

The Gabriel Chancery engages in innovative Prophetic Ministry, Fountain Pastoral Academy, the church ministers’ lives, thereby empowering, changing and transforming lives for God’s kingdom and to establish God’s Kingdom here on earth.

However, the Gabriel Chancery is both a prophetic and academic research institute and ministry; prophetic in nature and approach. The Gabriel Chancery is more of a Research based Institution; it is more than just a prophetic and biblical academia, it is a laboratory and investment centre of the Lord God Almighty. The Chancery combines both Prophetic and Biblical & Theological studies as a base to research into the promises and Will of God concerning any and every given situation.

Therefore, The Gabriel Chancery programme is designed to stretch the Christians, ministers and applied organizations in their search to find lasting solution to issues confronting life through God and also challenging them to grow in personal character and integrity in the knowledge of God to awaken and activate the potential and gifts deposited in them by God to solve all human problems, be it medical, life science, business or engineering.

Seeking to develop prophetic ministry and release the prophetic voice of Jesus Christ, in its fullness and diversity of expression, to the church and the world, with maturity, excellence and integrity. The New Testament teaches that the Church is built upon the foundation of the ministry of apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone.

The Gabriel Chancery is a prophetic academia institute consisting research centres charged with prophetic pastoral, spiritual and academics stewardship; teaching, researching, equipping, building, empowering and governance.

Each of the centres is unique in its own way, bringing out the glory of God. they have their own area of specialization. The Chancery determines and looks into the content, context and structure of the programmes, teaching and research that take place within its academia environment.

The Chancery’s main focus is on Research; researching into the word of God concerning what He has spoken concerning what all He has made. We only speak when God speaks and reveal. The Chancery is not working to impress anyone but explore the vast wealth of God’s power through His divine knowledge, revelation and wisdom. We wait on the Lord to speak and don’t pwesuade or invoke. (Eph. 1:17 -end)

The Chancery hosts the Chancery Chapel, Prophetic Ministry, School of Prophets, Clinical & Prophetic Research Institute, Soldiers of Christ Intercessory Ministry and College of Prophetic Records. The Chancery is central governing body of all spiritual and prophetic findings and works. The Fountain Pastoral Academy depends on the Chancery for all spiritual research work.

Research Centres

The Gabriel Chancery is also a large academia and ministerial community comprising two main research institutes and a number of academic centres. ‘Research’ in the centres has a broad definition that includes professional, prophetic, pastoral care, practical developments and innovation.

A. Clinical & Prophetic Research Institute – which has four research centres

  1. Life Science, Psychiatric & Clinical Medicine
  2. Centre of Innovative Studies
  3. Centre of Marital Affairs (Institute of Family Life)
  4. Fountain Medical School

The institute of Family Life on the ordinary is a constituent college of the Fountain Pastoral Academy, but its academic centres however, make her to be an institution of her own, where other colleges benefits from her recourse.

B. Institute of Prophetic Ministry – Has three research centres.

1. School of Prophets

  •   Prophetic Ministry
  •   Centre of Prophetic Record & Statistics

2.   Gabriel Intercessory Ministry – SOX

  • Sunday Evangelical Prayer
  • Holy Saviour Prayer Team
  • Trinity Preventive Prayer Team

3. Chancery Chapel

  • Baptism & Christening
  • wedding ceremony and special services
Prophetic Ministry

The Prophetic Ministry is one of the largest teaching, research, and prophetic institute of the Gabriel Chancery, with a reputation for excellence and a vibrant working community.

The Prophetic Ministry aims to deliver outstanding prophetic research, educate and empower the next generation of leaders in the prophetic ministry, and to apply the benefits of discovery to improve the world at large.

The Prophetic Ministry also combines structural and functional prophetic teaching, research, evangelism, prayer, including pastoral care, biblical and theological studies, innovative and strategic studies, engineering, finance, psychiatric, medicine and culture with the aim of integrating these approaches and collaborating with the expertise at Fountain of Peace Ministries areas as Computing, multimedia, Royal Fountain Choir, Principal Organist, Finance team, Soldier of Christ and construction team to develop novel  investigational and solution strategies. We aim to do this by increasing knowledge and understanding of the detectable abnormalities of structure and function of prophetic pitfall.

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(This is not a Formal education but a ministry)