Royal Fountain Choir

The Royal Fountain Choir is one of the constituent Colleges of the Fountain Pastoral Deji Olayemi-Chancellor-of-the-ChoirLeadership Academy. The Choir works together with the central leadership of the church. RFC is designed to offer true worship to God through music; leading the congregation into corporate worship and for evangelism. Discipline is highly embraced in RFC.

Our music is done spiritually, professionally and technically in the spirit of excellence. The RFC is a place of hard work, thus, made up of over 25 members ranging from ages 15 to 70 and covers all walks of life. RFC is made up of those who are just starting to sing, those who have the ability (gift) to sing, and those who have been singing for sometime- professionals.

This ministry is primarily responsible for enabling the outpouring of the Holy Spirit during the services by individually maintaining and corporately reflecting God’s standards of purity and holiness. The Choir meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays for prayers and rehearsals.


Minister Abraham Akinlagun
Choir Chancellor

Biola Aluko
Music Director

Minister Anu Akande

Deputy Chancellor and Principal Organist

Minister Foluke Azeez
Children and Youth Choir Coordinator

Pastor Adewale Okutubo
Choir Patron


Grand Vision

God has ordained that through praise and worship an atmosphere is created that the enemy cannot breach – this should our desired result whenever we minister in songs. However, whether it is a special number, choir performance or praise-worship, the aim of RFC is to create an atmosphere through these areas of ministrations that would:

  • Cause the Holy Spirit to have His way in any service
  • Enable God’s servants to deliver His word without hindrance
  • Facilitate congregational participation in worship
Fountain of Peace Expectations from RFC
  • To grow and develop spiritually
  • To be Biblically professional in singing
  • To be Technically and Dynamically sound in the art of music
  • To be a Global worshipper
RFC Expectations from you
  • An understanding of the music as outlined in the scriptures.
  • A certificate in music
  • A knowledge of hymnology/ hymnody
  • A call in the area of music- with an average vocal ability
  • Committed to the choir (punctuality, reliability, faithfulness in attendance)
  • Consistent in attendance, rehearsals and ministrations
  • Committed to personal growth and development
  • Must be Teachable
  • Must be ready to abide to the rules and regulation of the choir
  • The Spirit of Humility
  • Discipline
  • Must be ready to go on suspension (caught in any act of indiscipline)
  • A heart of worship
  • A prayerful and godly lifestyle
Responsibilities of The Choir Members – Col.3:17
  • To serve God with all your heart, soul and strength
  •  Obey and serve the leadership of the church.
  • Love your brothers and sisters
  • Be a soul winner
  • To maximize your God given potential
  • Organize your time and commitments with your duty as ministers.
  • Live a balanced life
Responsibilities of Leadership – Acts 20:28, 1 Peter 5:3
  • To provide an environment where God is Glorified
  • To ensure that every member is suitably place according to their natural and  spiritual      gifting and maturity.
  • To provide a Spiritual Cover over the ministry
  • To help facilitate growth spiritually and technically
  • To provide direction re: the ministry
  • To release greatness and aid in the fulfillment of destiny
The Departments of RFC
  • Worship-leaders team
  • Choral Groups
  • Technical Department (Sound Team)
Functions of the Technical Department (Sound Team)
  • The RFC Technical department is responsible for the operation and safety     management of the musical instruments and equipment (technical & electrical) use for worship and any other event within and outside the Church.
  • To provides smooth and uninterrupted amplification of the  worship services.
  • The TD is responsible for all networking of the sound system, training of interested members who want to join the TD

The TD is not the Multi-media Team non an IT team, but serve as a support body to both Multi -media and IT Team.

Royal Fountain Choir