At Fountain of Peace Ministries, we are praying and seeking after God’s kingdom The kingdom of God is evident in the Church when believers gather together to care, challenge, counsel, forgive, listen, offer hospitality, pray, serve, share Christian truth, share needs, worship, and rejoice with one another.

This page is strictly for pastoral care form services, which are structurally build for special pastoral services.

In response to this challenge to love each other and share each other joy and burden, we strive to be a church where we entertain and appreciate whatsoever anyone is going through or need no matter who you are.

We also recognise that the pastoral care form services section cannot offer all that we need and as such we offer additional Pastoral Care Services, by gifted ministers of God; trained, supervised and authorised by the leadership of the church.

Should you need more than this, kindly call or contact church for more information regarding what you need and you shall be cared for by the grace of God.



To be a kingdom community where everyone can be supported and cared for.


Purpose of the Online Pastoral Service Care Form

  1. To give you a quick access to the care you want without having to call anyone or visit the church.
  2. To ensure you get the best of God’s love
  3. Making you a partaker of what rightly belong to you.
  4. Anyone can access pastoral care, whether you are a member or not



The Attached Forms are