Believers’ College

(New Entrant Class & Welfare)

The Believers’ College is one of the constituent colleges of the Fountain Pastoral Academy – thus, collaborates with the central leadership of the church to see to the welfare and needs of the New Entrants and existing members.

This College is charged with the responsibility of monitoring, maturing and mentoring the Newcomers; ensuring they have satisfactory beginning in the ministry and offering the “Believers’ training”. Classes for “New members” are offered 4 to 5 times a year. Normally, the group meets twice a month to review the basic tenants of Biblical and Theological studies, the structure of church governance and what membership in FOP involves. Candidates are then received into the church during a Sunday morning worship service.

This College houses the welfare team, which is responsible for both the physical and spiritual welfare of all members. Thus, they work in collaboration with the Gabriel Intercessory Ministry on spiritual issues e.g. Prayers, etc.

We demonstrate the love of Christ by praying and visiting hospitals, prisons and homes especially in times of personal or domestic trials.


Departments of this College are:

  1. Legal and social services Unit
  2. Sundry’s Hospitality Team
  3. Members welfare support Team
  4. Visitation Team (Prisons, Hospital etc)
  5. Believers class (new member induction and new convert class)