School of Retreat

General Overview of the Fountain School of Retreat

As a constituent institute of the Pastoral Academy, the Fountain School of Retreat focus is to provide high quality Christian lifestyle (maturity in Christ Jesus), biblical practice and ministry research that can be translated to prepare, equip and empower the “thirsty” and believers for God’s kingdom by providing intensive pastoral care, ministerial practices, biblical and prophetic teachings .

The School of Retreat is a place of genuine fellowship where generosity and hospitality is practised in the context of study, prayer and reflection in the Holy Spirit. Kindly check the event page for more information concerning the June Retreat:

Building on a framework designed to improve personalized Christian lifestyle and maturity in Christ to be saved , the Fountain Pastoral Academy in conjunction with the Gabriel Chancery is leading the way with our dedicated pastoral and prophetic ministers in the Christian Innovative Technologies (CIT) where believers’ spirituality, maturity,  salvation,  redemption,  success, safety and fellowship is our concern.


More so, with the help of the Gabriel Chancery and the Pastoral Academy, the School of Retreat provides quality evangelical research innovations incorporating translational ministry

Underpinning this, our aim is to provide the world with a Christian practice and evangelical skills needed to make a difference in the world. (Mt.5:13-16)

The Fountain School of Retreat Program will allow believers to:

Interact with the environment; making things to happen and thus becoming solution to world’s problem.
Develop an understanding of how to live a Christian Life and raise the standards of  ministry practice
Acquire the appropriate knowledge as believers to operate and stand in integrity and maturity in Christ within and outside the church; empowering the church and the world for God’s Kingdom.

Believers through the Retreat will gain knowledge of, and experience in, the theory and practical application of evidence-based biblical knowledge, Christian maturity and practical ministry for a New Life in Christ Jesus. The School of Retreat program covers the complete spectrum of Christian life, from natural law to supernatural maturity in Christ with the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God.

Fountain Leadership Retreat Model (1Thes.5:22)

Leadership Retreat Features & Eligibilty

Retreat means stepping aside; a time to step aside from life busy routine for a while, to be in God’s presence to be filled anew. The School of Retreat provides a unique opportunity for leaders to encounter the truth of God in a new and dynamic way.  Our Leadership Retreat is about a journey through knowledge into an understanding and experiencing the deeper love and presence of God. Children are not allowed in our Leadership Retreat. Eligibility is from age 18 and must be a church-worker. Please click “No Child/children” for Leadership Retreat in the application form

Our Retreat involves:

  1.  Teaching
  2. Studying
  3. Reconciliation Hour
  4. Prayer & Prophetic Revival
  5. Worship
  6. Group study
  7. Gospel according to Hymn
  8. Holy Communion
  9. Accommodation
  10. Child/children support

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June  2017 Leadership Retreat Features

June Retreat Resource

Manifesting God’s Kingdom (2Cor.3:18).

“Changed into His Likeness (2Cor.3:18) ” (By Watchman Nee)

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Key Focus of Retreat Study:   “Manifesting God’s Kingdom ( 2Cor.3:18)”

  • Book to read by Retreaters before the Retreat: “ Changed into His Likeness (2Cor.3:18) ” (By Watchman Nee). This book is to prepare and refresh our mind for the Retreat. Study is not focusing directly on the book.
  • The book is ordered by the Pastoral Academy – School of Retreat and shall be available at the Bookshop
  • The Retreat is for 2 nights – to be back on Sunday to church for service
  • The Retreat will be held at the Ashburnham Christian Retreat Centre,Battle TN33 9NF United Kingdom
  • Overnight accommodation is only for Friday and Saturday Night.
  • There is a fee to be paid – Retreat Package

Purpose and Aim of the Retreat

  1. To bring retreaters together to connect with Eternity to discover purpose.
  2. To Expose  retreaters to  the understanding of their position in Christ
  3. To Equip retreaters on how to sit, walk and stand in Christ as disciple.
  4. For retreaters to Experience  and interpret  Christ’s doctrine to practical life
  5. To Energize retreaters with the Spirit of Truth and Righteousness to stand.
  6. To Encourage retreaters to live a life of sharing and sacrifice.
  7. To Eject carnal and unwanted attitude as we profess Christ.
  8. To Educate retreaters to Embrace the finish works of Christ.


  1. Retreaters shall learn how to work in group within given time limit
  2.  Retreaters shall be exposed to the importance of time management
  3. Retreaters shall get to understand the term  to ‘Spiritual Disciple and Spiritual Reality ‘
  4. Retreaters will get to learn to appreciate and tolerate others.
  5. Retreaters shall become more matured in handling the things of God.
  6. Retreaters shall understand how to use the Holy Spirit for service.
  7. Retreaters will receive a new heart to worship and service.
  8. There shall be deliverance.
  9. Retreaters will learn how to trust God.
  10. Retreaters will understand what it takes to be in the Spirit.