Faculty of Research and Development

The Faculty of Research and Development is one of the constituent Colleges of the Fountain Pastoral Academy. The FRD works in collaboration with the central Leadership of the church – designed to empower people for evangelism and maturity in Christ. This is done by means of book review, biblical and educational activities, Christian drama and Outreach programs. All activities are evangelical in approach and nature for the winning of souls. Perhaps, this is the largest College.

This Faculty reaches out by sharing the Gospel (outreach) to neighboring homes and surroundings. More so, this Faculty produces Scriptural tracts and witness materials required to support the evangelical mission. The Faculty also organizes effective and purposeful outreach programs. FRD oversees the library and Bookshop. It also liaises with other external bodies in relation to aid Christian networking.

Contact :

Mark Amadi


We at Fountain of Peace believe that God has gifted everybody differently for evangelism, and thus, evangelism can take diverse forms – drama, films, musical concerts, etc.

Sometimes, leading people into the act of evangelism could be difficult. Rather, those with special gift for evangelism are recognized and given encouragement.

Christians should be challenged to use their existing relationships with others as contacts for evangelism. There is no one program which can be recommended for effective evangelism. Therefore, our evangelistic efforts are focus on the needs and questions of winning souls for Christ. We at FOP operate mainly on Prophetic Evangelism – doing what God says we should do.

This Faculty consists of the following departments:

  • Fountain Films (Theater Group)
  • Outreach department
  • Publication and Marketing
  • Library and Bookshop

The Church encourages Cell Prayer meetings in our immediate environment (Members’ home). The purpose of this is to affect our Christian discipleship outside the confines of the Church premises.  The Peace-fellowship takes place every Monday: 7pm – 8pm at designated venues