Fountain Pastoral Academy

The Fountain Pastoral Academy is a confederation of schools charged with pastoral
stewardship, teaching, equipping, building, empowering and the governing of all the schools and colleges within the Fountain of Peace Ministries. Each of the college is unique in its own way, bringing out the glory of God. The Academy determines and looks into the content or research programs within which college teaching takes place. The Academy hosts the Pastoral council, Ushers’ and all teaching schools and colleges, including  the Royal College of Minister. It is the central governing body of the schools and colleges. Its function is that of spiritual stewardship. It is of great importance that the colleges and schools of this Academy protect the Mission, Mandate and Vision of the Ministry.

The Academy is founded for the purpose of teaching leadership knowledge, attitudes, and skills to leaders/ pastors in the framework of the Bible – the Word of God and Fountain of Peace. The Academy organizes seminars and lectures on leadership, theological and biblical studies, and apologetics for the empowerment of all Church leaders/workers and the church at large. This Academy ensures that all colleges and schools follow the vision, mission and policies of the Church to empower and enhance the smooth running of all pastoral duties, teaching and networking amongst all colleges.

The Academy Contacts

Mark Amadi

The Academy is significantly involved in the pastoral perspective aspects of member colleges serving and protecting Christian identity and integrity in the Fountain of Peace and the community at large. The leadership of the Academy is at all times subject to the wisdom and direction of the Holy Spirit.



The Lord has mandated His Church to “Go and make disciples of all nations. . . .” (Mat. 28). It is the belief of Fountain of Peace Ministries that God desires leaders/ pastor of FOP to be global thinkers, given to the effort of leading their congregations into ministry that is serious about world missions, and reaches out with the Gospel to all ethnic groupings within their own immediate communities.

We are a confessional church that holds the Scriptures to be the only source and norm for Christian doctrine.

For this reason, the Fountain Pastoral Academy is responsible for all Pastoral ministrations, teachings, evangelism, administration, Pastoral protocol (Pastoral hospitality), Research, Programming, training and development.

Why we take training and development important at Fountain: (Seminar & Training)

Our Ministerial Studies and Leadership Development and Training Programmes push each and every leader to gain a rigorous personal insight into working for God in God’s way.

Our seminars teach the participants on how  to apply Servant Leadership or “Incarnational leadership”, which is rooted in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, as “He took a towel” (Jn. 13:2-5). He was efficient with people, had goals in sight, but was also relational over being task-driven. This kind of leadership produces a church filled with real purpose and motivation as people are called, appreciated, loved, encouraged, discipled, involved by mentoring and discipleship before they are deployed and working in ministry.

Seminar Objectives
  • Understanding good Leadership Behaviors
  • Learning the difference between Leadership and Management
  • Gaining insight into your Patterns, Beliefs and Rules
  • Defining Qualities and Strengths
  • Determining how well you Perceive what’s going on around you
  • Polishing Interpersonal Skills and Communication Skills
  • Learning about Commitment and How to Move Things Forward
  • Handling Your and Other People’s Stress
  • Empowering, Motivating and Inspiring Others
  • Leading by Example
The Colleges that make up the Fountain Pastoral Leadership Academy
    1. Believers’ College
    2. Cabinet700
    3. Cell Group
    4. Children Ministry
    5. Choir
    6. Institute of Family Affair
    7. Institute of Ushers
    8. Leadership & Stewardship Training
    9. Men Ministry
    10. Multimedia Ministry
    11. Outreach Programs
    12. Pastoral Care
    13. Programing
    14. Sanctuary Worship Affairs & Announcement
    15. School of Apologetics
    16. School of Retreat
    17. Youth Ministry
    18. Women Ministry
Leadership Style

The Fountain of Peace Ministries runs a collegiate system, thus the leadership style of this Academy is that of a minimum direction and maximum individual freedom of action.