Trinity College of Preventive & Pastoral Care


The Trinity College of Preventive & Pastoral Care is one of the constituent colleges of the Fountain Pastoral Academy which was founded in 2012 after a mysterious illness of one of our members and has made distinguished contributions to Pasto-prophetic ministry within and beyond the Fountain of Peace Ministries. The Trinity College just don’t focus on pastoral and psychological care services but established with the mandate to provide permanent, managing and preventive remedy. Some cases might not be curable but could through divine intervention be managed and prevented (prophylactic) to a very reasonable extent to give good, healthy and spiritual lifestyle. The Preventive and Pastoral Care ministry at Fountain of Peace Ministries is all about expressing the practical love of Jesus; using love to confront and conquer any situation for God’s glorification.


  1. To further understanding and progress in preventive pastoral care crisis by promoting pastoral and prophetic excellence in the body of Christ through its support of the pastoral and prophetic (this involves biological and biomedical sciences) ministries.
  2. To ensure long-term global benefit through publication of the knowledge gained and, where appropriate, by encouraging its exploitation. Since its inception, the college operated a successful and prestigious research scheme in pastoral and prophetic care related sciences.
  3. To pray for individuals and carry out a follow up routine to ensure believers fulfil their destiny
  4. Using pastoral/practical theology to care and carry out preventive measures against reoccurring situations thereby transforming world and winning souls for God’s kingdom.


The Trinity College of Preventive & Pastoral Care aims to:

  1. To further an understanding of the pastoral ministry in relation to the personal and corporate needs of individuals and to promote growth  and  maturity
  2. Improve the life and lifestyle of individuals and populations through biblical translational research, education and training, prayer, counselling, intervention and evangelism.
  3. To promote holy and acceptable lifestyle across the lifespan and in all segments of people’s life, thus empowering them to live a fulfilled live and also for  the expansion of God’s kingdom
  4. To provide content that explores the spectrum of prevention from pastoral and prophetic practice to global care
  5. To provide ministers with opportunities to increase pastoral and prophetic skills and enhance relevant pastoral and prophetic practice and practical skills.
  6. To provide ministers with opportunities to increase holy lifestyle and quality of life skills and relevant pastoral and prophetic knowledge.
  7. To bring pastoral care into the context of God so love the world


  1. On the biblical insights of human (individuals & corporate) in relation to their needs.
  2. Maturing believers to be partakers of God’s divine purpose.
  3. The distinction between pastoral care and pastoral counselling and putting each arm into perspective.
  4. The Trinity College of Preventive & Pastoral Care focuses primarily on the prevention and control of chronic life issues such as aging, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and mental health and rheumatologic disorders.
  5. Researches in both pastoral and prophetic shall take its root in epidemiology, behavioural medicine, biostatistics, bioinformatics, and nutritional sciences to examine how behaviours and lifestyles acquired early in life affect health, quality of life, costs, and longevity using innovative methods and techniques, revelation and prayers, love and attention and the very word of God.